What are hemorrhoids and what determines their appearance?

I think no one wants to have hemorrhoids, so there are a lot of hemorrhoids remedies.

Hemorrhoids can be described as tissues inside the anal canal, which contain blood vessels and the surrounding supporting tissue of muscles and elastic fibers. The anal channel is the last four centimeters of the rectum, where the faecal matter passes outward. The anus is the opening of the anal canal. Venues in these regions may become dilated and inflamed due to increased pressure, usually in the case of constipation or pregnancy – due to the pressure exerted by the enlarged uterus.
Internal hemorrhoids are located in the mucosa of the rectum and can not be felt. They usually do not cause pain and they only feel their presence through bleeding. Internal hemorrhoids can protrude (protrude out) through the anus.

External hemorrhoids are located under the skin around the anus. They can be felt when they become inflamed and can cause itching, pain or bleeding to defecation. An external thrombosis hemorrhoid occurs when the vein blood coagulates and can cause significant pain.

There are a number of factors that can cause hemorrhoids, namely:

  • intestinal transit problems, chronic constipation, or frequent diarrheal episodes
  • liver diseases
  • rectal tumors
  • pregnancy – the pressure exerted by the pregnant uterus on the blood vessels
  • extra pounds
  • prolonged seat – chair sitting many hours a day
  • local irritations
  • lifting weights
  • the coughing effort
  • excessively spicy food.

Hemorrhoids can be two-fold:

  • Internals: Appear within the anal canal, at a depth of 4-5 cm, through venous dilatations that continue to increase in volume after appearance. Bleeding is a common symptom in people with this type of condition.
  • External: located outside the visible, blue, blue canal, causes severe pain.

Hemorrhoids are affirmed by a series of unpleasant symptoms. These cause great discomfort and discomfort to the patient. Among them we mention: pruritus (itching), outbreak of internal hemorrhoids with painful and very difficult return, and perianal abscesses that consist of localized pus collections.


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