How to choose a submersible pump properly

A submersible pump needs to meet the consumption needs of the power-consuming installations of the consumption points, not to have a capacity greater than the well flow.

In the case of industrial and high capacity pumping wells and pumping stations, a 6-cylinder submersible pump motor is needed.

The first condition may be somewhat more flexible, that is, we can go with a pump with a lower capacity than the maximum required flow, some of the peak consumption.
The second condition is REQUIRED to be respected. The selected pump does not have to have a larger flow than the well, it was determined by a company that built the well. If this condition is not met, situations such as:
– excessive reduction of the hydrodynamic level;
-Treating a large amount of sand, resulting in damage to the pump and clogging of wells;
– Decrease of the aquifer layer, resulting in chemical changes of the substances in the water by precipitation and entrainment of substances that affect the quality of the water (heavy metals, nitrates and pesticides). It is right to take into consideration when choosing the pump a flow rate at most equal to of the pit.
The pumping height is as follows:
Hp = Hg + Δpc + Ps in m CA
Hp – pumping height mCA
Hg – the geodetic height between the bed water mirror (hydrodynamic level) and the point of consumption in m
Δpc – pipe pressure losses in mCA – can be estimated at 0.05 mCA per meter if not calculated
Ps – Service Pressure at mCA (typically between 2-3 mCA) The pump is selected based on the H-D (Pump-Flow-Height) pair, you can find the data for each pump plotted or displayed value.
Everything is to have you the calculation data, the pumping height, the flow required for the house installation and the flow rate.


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