About Composite Materials

Fiber hardening materials

– they are made up of two materials with completely different properties and behavior different from external mechanical stresses. These consist of:

Matrix – which is a soft and plastic material
Fiber from a rough and brittle material
The matrix is composed of:

metallic materials:
materials and soft alloys
non-metallic (synthetic resins)
The fibers can be made of non-metallic materials (azbeth, graphite, glass, nylon)

Metallic materials (hard steel, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium.

Incorporation of fibers into the matrix can be accomplished by:

simple bonding of alternative layers of matrix and fiber.
by infiltration of the liquid matrix among the fibers arranged in parallel strings.
The process used must ensure perfect adhesion between the matrix and the fiber, so that the outer stresses are first taken up by the fibers so that they take up the fractional stress and the matrix takes over the twisting stress.


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